About me

It’s been the greatest honour of my life to represent Nottingham East as your Labour MP since 2019.

Nottingham has been my home my whole life. This city, its people, its communities, have made me who I am today.

Before my election, I was a hate crime worker, and prior to that a care worker whilst I studied law at the University of Nottingham.

It was the Bedroom Tax that drove me to become active in politics – because I saw that austerity was ripping apart our communities and wreaking devastation on the lives of my neighbours, family, and friends.

Since my election in 2019, I’ve challenged the government over devastating cuts to our council, and fought for proper funding for our NHS, schools and social housing. In the cost of living crisis, I’ve campaigned for more financial support, to keep down rents, to insulate homes and for publicly-owned, green energy to lower bills and protect the climate.

When I was first elected, I pledged to share my MP’s salary with the Nottingham community. I’m pleased to have been able to use it to support local charities and trade union branches – click here for a list of organisations I’ve donated to so far. If re-elected, I pledge to take home £41,000 (after tax and other automatic deductions), and continue to give the rest to local causes – a pay rise in line with average public sector pay awards over the last five years.

As your MP, I won’t take a second job. I’ll only work for the people of Nottingham East – not corporate shareholders.